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How To Become An Instructor?

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You have to to fill out this form

If you would like to run course here, quickly fill out this form with the following information

  • Course title
  • Short description of the course (1/3 paragraph)
  • How many lectures will be in the course?
  • Description of lecture/syllabus of courses
  • When will the course begin? How many weeks?
  • A YouTube video made by describing the course (if possible).
  • A brief introduction to the course teachers (1 paragraph)
You will be contacted after sending this information and the following steps will be communicated via email.
  • It is an unpaid internship for the first course.
  • You will be featured in the “Team” section of the website.
  • You can run the paid course after successfully perform free course and add significant value to Winzone IT
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